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Posted by: Mousie Jan 6 2018, 12:18 AM
Pet Rules
Students at Tallygarunga are permitted to keep one (1) pet on campus, for the purpose of companionship and/or mail delivery.

Tallygarunga takes animal care very seriously. All pets are subject to regular health checks, and pet privileges may be revoked for students that are not adequately caring for their pets. Depending on the type of pet, additional rules may apply, and some pets are not allowed on campus under any circumstance.
Mail delivery pets
Some pets, especially bird types, may have been trained to deliver mail and carry out these tasks from the school. Students that do not have their own mail delivery pet may use birds housed in the general aviary for communications. Tallygarunga's collection of mail birds is largely comprised of cockatoos and galahs, with a selection of owls available for overnight deliveries.
General pet rules
All pets must have an appropriate habitat, bedding, enclosure installed in the student's quarters (small pets), or in the kennels (large pets). It is expected that all pets, regardless of type, will be restricted to those enclosures during the night. It is the student's responsibility to ensure this happens.

Pets that pose a threat to native wildlife or the Murrigal eco-system will not be permitted on campus. This largely applies to rabbits, foxes and non-native varieties of frog. Pets that do not easily survive in the dry, rural environment of Tallygarunga are similarly not permitted.
Small pets
A "small pet" is considered anything smaller than the average house cat. This includes: domestic cats, native possums, mice and rats, lizards, non-venomous snakes, bats, native frogs, echidnas, bilbies, turtles, spotted quolls, quokkas and so on.

Small pets are housed in the student's sleeping quarters.
Large pets
A "large pet" is anything larger than the average house cat. These pets are housed in Tallygarunga's kennels. Limited space is available for large pets. Competition for kennel places is fierce at the beginning of each year.

Animals that may be housed in the kennels include: dogs, kangaroos, goats, koalas, wallabies, pigs, and so on. Due to size, horses are not allowed.
Winged pets
Regardless of size, all winged pets are to be kept the aviary section of the kennels. These pets are the most likely to double as mail delivery pets, and thus have access to fly overnight.

Allowable winged pets include: fruit bats, cockatoos, owls, galahs, native parrots, flying fox, sugar gliders, kookaburras, magpies, kingfishers, and budgies (for light mail only).
More information
For more information on species native, introduced and endangered in Australia, check out this handy page.

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