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Posted by: Mousie Nov 23 2017, 09:51 PM
Current Members

The following is a link to all current members and their characters. To add or update yourself, please post the following code as a reply to this topic (remove the *s from the code):
[*code]<span class="smallheady">(Your name)</span><br> (country) | (timezone) | (how we can contact you) <blockquote><a href="profilelinkhere">Character Name</a> :: Character Position</a></blockquote>[*/code]

Australia | GMT+10:00 | PM for Discord details
Adele Tallenery :: Tallygarunga Librarian
Aiden Longhurst :: Tally Fourth Year
Ameadruella Nedvidek :: Narrie resident
Alan Burdett :: Tallygarunga Headmaster
Katherine Belmont :: Penrose Headmistress
Australia | GMT+10 | PM for Discord
Amiradysébelle "Jezebel" Blair :: Actress, Princess, Mum
Artemisia Bellerose :: Musician & Artist
Audrey Adagathguarde :: Headmaster's Assistant
Caitlin Sullivan :: Counselor, DADA Professor
Cassandra Sullivan :: 7th Year Spencer for 2018
Gemini Demetra :: VMU Magical Arts Student, Musician and Singer
Rosmunda Townsend :: Doctor/Healer & Non-human Support Networker
Stuart Blair :: Federal Minister of Magic

Romania | GMT+2 | Discord / PM / Skype
Benjamin Wilson :: Fifth Year Sturt Student
USA | EST (GMT-5) | PM for Discord/Skype
Heidi Browne :: Third Year Flinders
US | PST| PM/Ask for Discord deets
Minnie Darwish :: Potions Professor
Taiwan | (GMT + 08:00) | (PM or Discord)
Clyde Atkyns :: 7th year Bourke student
USA | EST | PM for details
Daria Bishop :: Nanny
Elena Bihar :: Auror
Eudoxia Miller :: Studio Creative Director
Gideon Monk :: Owner Drunk Monk Brewing
Lazar Valov :: Pawn Shop Owner
Lot Karras :: Jack of All Trades
Scarlett Van Acker :: Chaser Aussie National Team
Vito Salvatore :: Private Security Contrator
GB | GMT | PM for details
Destry Roebuck :: Wildlife Reserve Keeper
USA | EST| PM for Contact Info
Theodore Spellman :: Seventh Year Flinders Student
USA| Eastern US - GMT-5 | PM for Discord
Keith Anderson :: Narrie Resident
Jason Miller :: Head of Magical Law Enforcement - Victoria State Ministry of Magic
Zane Nedvidek :: Visitor
Australia | AEST | PM, Discord
Savannah Ryan :: Bourke Student
New Zealand | UTC+12:00 | PM
Mae Sutherland :: Bourke Student
Simon Bican :: Sturt Student

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