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Posted by: Mousie Nov 23 2017, 10:01 PM
Board Plots
In addition to your wonderful character interactions, events influencing the whole Tallygarunga environment will occur. This post will be updated to reflect what characters should know, and to give everyone the ability to participate.

If there is something happening in your thread that applies to the wider Tally audience, let Mousie know---so it can be included in the next update!

We strongly encourage all players to take part, react, plan, and push to solve the problems facing our community of characters.

Posted by: Mousie Nov 23 2017, 10:20 PM
Prologue: Back in Black
It's almost as if Narragyambie was hibernating. A few short, peaceful (but boring) years have gone by, slipping into the grey abyss of the mundane. The catastrophic street fairs, extravagantly dramatic weddings, pranking and carousing all feel like a distant memory.

Tallygarunga's 100th anniversary is on the horizon. Former students have been invited to return to join in the year-long centenary festivities, and it's set to be a big party. As familiar souls touch down once more on Narrie soil, the excitement grows. You can feel it. Like a new beginning, a return to old ways.

The question grows as classes for 2017 wind down: can we be crazy for a few more years? Have we got them in us?

We're about to find out. We're back in black.

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