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Posted by: Mousie Nov 21 2017, 10:08 PM
Tallygarunga Ghosts
Throughout it's life, the land that now houses Tallygarunga Academy of Magic has been the site of a number of interesting inhabitants. As a result, the school has accumulated a number of ghosts. While they are not constantly present, they have been known to show themselves to particular students and staff.

Catherine Thompson
Died: 1934, age 27.
Haunt: Tarnagulla Centre, Sturt
Catherine was born to a family made wealthy in the gold rush, and settled in Melbourne for the high life. It was at that time that the land surrounding Murrigal was part of an enormous, and successful sheep farm - the remains of which can still be seen in the lower half of the Gawler building and parts of the Kookynie Halls.

Known better as Catie to her friends, the high-flying socialite woman fell hard for the son of Philip Thompson, the dashing and flirtatious Gabe. Recognising a chance to weave more wealth into his personal account, Gabe encouraged her affections, eventually leading to marriage just after her twenty-third birthday.

So blinded was she, she did not realise until it was near too late - her husband's affair with one of the farm hands was known throughout the town before it reached Catie. She took a shotgun to herself, though being inexperienced with firearms, managed only enough to mutilate her face before sprinting off across the farm, hoping she would be beyond saving if she was found.

These days she presents as a woman in a blood splattered dress, dark hair messed from the force of the shot, hanging to her waist in curls. She has a bitter outlook on life in general, and tends to put across her views on love (and how foolish it is) to any who will listen.

She makes for annoying company whilst in the hospital wing, and can be disturbing to look at. Her jaw is only half existant, and one eye remains closed. Through the years she has come to accept the wizarding kind, and is glad there are at least some (other than cats) that can see her.
Samuel O'Laughlin
Died: 1993, age 11.
Haunt: Eureka Underground Corridor, Spencer
Samuel was not the brightest of children. Born of a mother who abused every substance known to man, and his father, an alcoholic of brutal nature, his bright and cheery nature was as much a result of his mental underdevelopment as it was his wish to see the bright side of everything. The youngest of four, he was the only child still in home by the time he reached Tallygarunga. With the family low on money, his uniforms were second hand, and barely patched - mostly patched by the school staff, who didn't recognise Samuel had problems beyond the bullies that sought him time after time.

He remained an upbeat child, nothing the bullies did could be as terrifying as what his father was capable of. He saw everyone and anyone as friends, and when his head of house - Alan Burdett - took to rescuing him regularly from the lighting brackets of the Eureka Underground Corridor, he came to respect and adore the man for doing so. Samuel looked up to him as he would an elder brother, often to the point where his presence could have been regarded as annoying. Other staff chipped in, and helped the boy out, though none made the connection between his occasional references to having had worse, and possible family problems. Some time after he began following Professor Burdett around, the end of term rolled around - and he realised with horror that he had no wish to return to his home. He could no longer see sense in the way he was treated, the idea horrified him.

He ran to the office of his favourite professor, asking if there were a way he could stay at the school. Alan assured him it was possible to stay, and sent a letter to the child's parents, explaining Samuel's wishes, and that he should not be expected home for the term break. It was a common place letter, as students frequently decided they would be better off studying, or somesuch, and Alan thought no more of it, until the angry parents stormed his office only days later.

Samuel, who had been playing cards on Alan's desk, hid behind the professor as the visibly drunk Eric O'Laughlin abused the professor, and Marlena supported him. They claimed Burdett was a corrupting influence on their child, and that they were removing him from the school, and his presence forever. Upset, but not willing to push the situation further, Burdett retrieved the child and pushed him towards his parents.

That night Samuel O'Laughlin was murdered as he slept, and thrown into the Narragyambie Lake to hide the evidence. He floated to the surface some months later, as the ropes that held the bricks to his garbage bag-wrapped remains rotted and broke free. He still presents as whole, happy, and healthy - apart from being a ghost. His childish view of the world makes for interesting company, he is still largely innocent. He knows what his parents did to him, though he is glad he got his final wish - to stay at the school. For some reason, Alan Burdett remains immune to his presence, and cannot see him. Samuel wishes nothing more than to assure the now-Headmaster that he is fine, and happy.

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