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Posted by: Alan Burdett Jan 4 2018, 01:54 AM
[This thread is essentially a group event! Have your character wander in, mingle, and see what's going on. You can @tag particular characters to ensure they don't miss your character's interactions/observations!]

So it was official. Stuart Blair had taken half ownership of The Drunken Roo, and the future of the business looked bright for the first time in years. Phil Davenport, who'd been trying to run the sinking ship since Matt's accident, was actually smiling as he completed the dinner service.

To celebrate, locals of the Narrie area had flocked to their much-loved pub to boost business just that bit further, with a Pub Night.

* * *

You only had to say the word "pub" before Alan was interested. He'd come early for one of Phil's top-notch chicken parmigiana and a few early beers. The day had been.. unexpectedly rough, but nothing a good pub night couldn't fix. Thank goodness for Friday.

He sat in his usual spot, a stool so used that it had an actual impression of his butt-cheeks on it, flattened over decades of Alan sitting there. With one elbow resting on the bar, and a beer in his other hand---Alan tried to relax.

His Mum had known almost immediately that something was wrong. Well, not wrong, just... needling at him. A stupid and unnecessary annoyance that had been stuck in the back of his mind ever since he'd seen the stupid invitation to conference. Why did it bother him to see his wife's name there next to his?

Because she wasn't here, and she wouldn't be there, and his stupid deputy had left for Canada at the end of the school year so that wasn't an option this time either. Stupid deputy going to stupid Canada to stupid look after her stupid sick mother.

At this moment, Alan decided that he hated Canada.

This was clearly all Canada's fault.

So he sat and sulked in his corner, waiting for the beer to work the magic that only beer could.

Posted by: Audrey Adagathguarde Jan 6 2018, 07:28 PM
So far today, very little had gone to plan. Or, at least, true to pattern, none of Audrey's plans for herself had gone the way she'd thought. She'd made sure that all of Alan's stuff was organised before heading off in the afternoon, to the city, where she had planned on a second date with Chad. A second date; she couldn't recall the last time she'd seen someone more than once. And, it seemed that she had been taken for a ride with this one.

Having someone's missus meet with her, and mention that they were looking for a little three-way fun, however, was definitely a first for the younger woman. Flattering, but...

And so, Auds had decided that she could pick up the kids and head back to Alan's place and they could have a fun night together picking out on chocolate and watching Disney movies, but when she'd arrived at Marie and Laurie's, the mother had taken one look at Audrey, who was still dressed for an evening on the town in her short dress and heels, and told her to head to the Roo.

Told her, and ordered that she not even go home to change into something more casual.

Still, as uncomfortable as the small dress might become, Audrey could hardly pass up the idea of a pub night. It had been a long time since the Drunken Roo had one, and she supposed with enough drinks she might not care what she was wearing. So it was that the woman made her way down the main drag, brows raising at the lively sounds coming from the pub that had been quiet for so long. All they needed was a band, and it'd be almost the same as it was before Matt had found himself in hospital.

The young woman ruffled her hair a little before stepping inside, brushing her way past a few people and toward the bar where Phil's brows rose at her. So used to being dressed either for work or the farm, Audrey forgot that everyone else around here only ever saw those sides of her too.

"Just hit me with the usual, Phil," Audrey spoke loudly with a bright smile, before she found a stubbie set down for her, and she cast her gaze about a little. It was while she was looking around that she spotted the sullen man in the corner who appeared to be trying to drink himself numb. Or at least, he looked grouchy enough to be trying. Slipping from the bar, Audrey then trotted over to him, before winding one arm back to give the man a punch in the shoulder.

"And what's got your boxers in a bunch, then?" The words fell from crimson lips as Audrey bent forward a little to inspect the man, before dragging a seat toward herself so that she could sit down. She crossed one knee over the other, and brushed the hem of her dress that was barely covering the top of her thigh-high stockings. "Aside from the glasses being ready, which, by the way, I picked up before I went into the city earlier..." She muttered before tipping the bottle back to take a swig. Because, Merlin knew, Alan wouldn't pick them up.

Posted by: Katherine Belmont Jan 6 2018, 07:46 PM
Yes, yes, yes... she was here. She couldn't exactly not be, even if the lively feel of the Drunken Roo left her feeling empty. Every time she walked in here, she could feel it---that absence. The sarcastic presence behind the bar that wasn't there. It didn't feel right. Business was business though, they were here to celebrate. Kate tried to slip in quietly.

Hazel -- who by rights should have been in bed -- had other ideas. She raced out onto the floor with enthusiasm, rushing to greet those she knew. Playing a version of peek-a-boo with Phil. Later Kate would settle her into one of the rooms upstairs. Not---not the one that had been their home, but one where the girl could sleep undisturbed.

With awkward smiles, Kate passed through and to the back room. This was far harder than she'd expected it to be. Maybe she shouldn't have chosen a big night like this to return?

She'd tried. In the glass refridgerator door, she could see how hard she'd tried. A nice, flattering dress. Her hair was styled. She looked ready for a night on the town, but she felt like curling up with a blanket and misery instead.

Posted by: Alan Burdett Jan 7 2018, 12:07 AM
Alan had no words. He stared as Audrey walked her way through the bar, trying to understand what he was seeing. Alan didn't know Audrey even owned clothes like that, let alone wore them. And he was uncomfortably reminded in that moment, of a former professor who had dressed that way, and proved to be... rather a distraction for the poor man.

But this was Audrey. Not some scheming professor who'd fished him for promotions and left when things didn't go her way. Alan coughed, trying to cover up that mildly horrified surprise.

"Good, um. Thank you." he said, in regard to the glasses, finally finding his words again. He looked up in time to see Kate walk by, raising a hand to greet her---but she was already gone. Hazel peeped out at him from behind a chair, making a face. He made one back. It was good to see the kid playing.

"You see the conference invites?" Alan replied to Audrey's first question. He made a face. A very disgruntled face. "She's on it. Again. I'm going to have to spend the whole stupid night explaining why she's not at the dinner with me."

Alan took a long, weirdly aggressive sip of his pint.


Posted by: Gawain Llewellyn Jan 7 2018, 10:10 AM
One thing Gawain had never mastered in all the years of moving, and all the moves in those years, was finding and settling down in the local. Sure, he had gone out with work friends in some locations, or out on his own in others, but while those places may have been the local, they had never been his local.

After a day dealing with the Narragyambie house purchase and preparations for the moving date, however, Gawain was looking to both celebrate and relax. And with his daughter staying the night with her maternal grandparents, Gawain was afforded the chance to do that.

He'd never owned a house before, an exciting and terrifying prospect. And with owning a house came roots, and with roots... a local.

He was still dressed for the business of the day, in a dark grey three-piece suit with burgundy full brogue shoes. His tie was also rich burgundy with his pocket square a dusty blue, the complementary colours popping against the dark grey of the suit and the crisp white of his shirt. And the moment he stepped inside The Drunken Roo it was apparent that he was, as usual, overdressed for the situation.

Still, what was he to do? Apparate back to the serviced apartment he was current staying at and change into a two-piece suit? That was not really an option, and if he did head to the apartment he would just end up having a nice glass of scotch in the peace and quiet there. Which would utterly defeat the purpose of finding the local in the first place.

So instead he just stood there like the obvious outsider he was, twisting his wedding ring on his finger and trying to get his bearings. It was highly unlikely he'd hit the jackpot and recognise someone he'd briefly met once before during the whole interview phase.

Posted by: Alexander Winfield Jan 7 2018, 04:24 PM
Getting comfortable with the school meant getting comfortable with all the surrounding areas of the school. He had heard a bit of talk from some of the student body about 'The Roo' as well as how you'd practically think it was sanctioned by the school for the older clientele to indulge in a bit of revelry or depression, pick the poison. It was here that maybe Alex can get his name for the activity that he loved a bit more out there, Music.

Sapphire slung over his shoulder as he walked into the seemingly festive bar. Those overly noticeable blue eyes of his cascaded around the area with parted lips that remarked the word, 'Wow'. This was certainly something to get used to especially since now? The young man was of age to get into this kind of debauchery and perhaps it was even expected of him given the cards he had been dealt.

Clung to his body was nothing but pure casual, he wasn't out to celebrate like it seemed most of the older (Grannies of the world) were doing. Blue fitting jeans that held slight rips at the knees for a fashion statement, black leather sneakers fit purely for comfort and movement on long walks, white shirt with a jean vest that matched the pants quite well. Of course, his hair? Had been let loose to hang in all its silky glory as it battered the base of his neck with each movement forward he had made.

"Now this is a hang out." He chuckled to himself as he nodded with approval only to find himself right at the bar counter not paying attention too much to who was there sitting. A drink or two needed to be put into him before he could start seizing out some good clients that were musically blessed with their ears. "Hey, there, Barkeep? Can I get a uh. . . Bloody Mary?"

Posted by: Audrey Adagathguarde Jan 9 2018, 06:33 AM
If Audrey was aware of Alan's near-horror of seeing her dressed as she was, then she didn't show it, easily sat in her chair as she took another drink from her beer and tilted her head a little at the man, before glancing around a little as she listened. She pulled one pair of glasses (as she had made sure to order a few pairs so that Alan couldn't go 'accidentally' losing them so that he didn't have to wear any), and slid the case across the table toward him before waving at Hazel as the girl glanced their way.

"The conference invites arrived? They must have just after I left this afternoon, I was waiting all day for them," Audrey began as she glanced back toward Alan, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear before grimacing as he went on to explain the part about them that was grinding his gears. The irritation then began to spread toward the young woman as she frowned.

"I contacted them months ago to let them know the situation," Sighing softly, the brunette in her dusky appearance pursed her red lips into a deep pout before shaking her head, "You won't have to explain anything, Alan. I'll talk to them tomorrow and give them a piece of my mind. You'd think no one knows how to be properly organised," And boy, was she going to give them hell. Last thing Alan needed was things like this needling at him.

With another huff, Audrey took another long drink from her stubbie, before setting it down and traced on the table with some of the condensation that had run off the bottle onto the wood top.

"Well, I guess that makes two of us with crappy evenings, hm?" Audrey murmured quietly, before offering Alan a wry smile, "I went all the way into the city, only to find out that Chad's married, and that he and his wife were hoping to get a little three-way action. I mean... not that I haven't had that kind of fun before, but the way they were all sneaky about it, and I guess I'm kind of past all that kind of stuff now..." Shrugging, she lifted her bottle for another drink, "Gave Chad the flick. Back to the old drawing board."

Posted by: Stuart Blair Jan 9 2018, 06:46 AM
Stuart had been at the pub since the afternoon, having been able to finish work with the Ministry early so that he could help to get the pub night organised and make sure Phil wasn't overtaxed. In fact, Stuart had even taken to helping behind the bar a little once more people began arriving, and was serving drinking, while also drinking a couple, as he chatted to arrivals, both old and new. The man had dressed down (for him), with a nice pair of jeans and a button shirt that had the top buttons open, and to most people here he was just 'Stu Blair', not the Minister of Magic.

Catching Hazel as she played hide and seek, the man picked the girl up easily, near tossing her around in his arms, before throwing her over his shoulder while he grabbed a stubbie for someone at the bar. He then tickled the girl until she was almost crying from laughter, before letting her go to run off and cause havoc for someone else or until he caught her hiding around the bar again.

Though, while he was doing all that, Stuart had spied one Katherine run into the back room, and seeing that Phil had things under control well enough, the man wandered back in order to check on the woman, knowing she was struggling with being back here, let alone on a night where there was a slight crowd.

"You look good, Katiebug," The man smiled warmly at her as he wandered over, before wrapping an arm around her shoulder from beside her to give her a small squeeze. "You doing okay? You know, Alan's out there with Audrey if you want to sit with people you know. And I'm going to be around the bar most of the night probably, so you can always sit there and keep me company. Pretty sure I heard a kid ordering a Bloody Mary as I came back here, I bet he's a first-timer in a pub." He grinned lightly.

"Could have some fun grilling him about his age."

Posted by: Rosmunda Townsend Jan 9 2018, 06:56 AM
Rosmunda wasn't sure why she was coming to the pub, except the fact that it had been quiet for a long while and tonight it was supposed to be a big night. To the point where as soon as Gemini had heard, she'd made arrangements to see if she could get a gig here with her band. Of course, they would have to play music that the crowd here were more partial toward, but no doubt they'd pull it off easily enough.

The Veela woman was partially here to listen to her granddaughter's group, and partially to watch Gabrielle, since Gem didn't want to leave her in the city. As she arrived, she knew already that the band either hadn't arrived yet, or they were possibly setting up. She brushed down her blouse and skirt a little before stepping inside and almost walking into an immaculately dressed man who seemed to look a bit lost as he stood just inside the door looking around the room.

"You probably want to try the bar, first. Drinks are usually the first thing one gets at the pub," Rosie said, excusing herself as she stepped around him, her lips tugged into a small amused smile. "Also, can get a bit dangerous standing inside the door, you never know who might barrel in." With a grin and a wink, she then continued onward to the bar, resting her purse on there.

"A Bloody Mary? I haven't seen someone order one of those since I lived in the US," Rosmunda chuckled as she noticed the drink that Phil was mixing up for someone. "When you're done with that one, can I get a couple of Squashed Frog shots and a Tequila Sunrise?" She asked lightly as she pulled some money from her purse to set on the counter.

Posted by: Alan Burdett Jan 9 2018, 11:58 PM
Alan's face scrunched up as Audrey recounted her evening. A tiny part of him felt smug, he had told her that Chad was bad news. He'd been right. Alan liked being right, but he didn't like that it had obviously soured Audrey's day.

"Well, we can have a crappy evening together then," he suggested, his mood lightening just a touch. A grin started to appear as he watched Stuart with Hazel, and let out a sigh of relief as Stuart followed Kate through to the kitchen. If Stuart didn't go, Alan knew he would have to.

It was getting nice and busy. The hum of a busy pub was always such a pleasant sound. At the bar, Phil was struggling to keep up with drinks. Mish was back too, which was nice to see, clicking her fingers to----get his attention? Yes. That she was. Alan tried to follow her hand gestures, and spotted Alex Winfield waiting at the bar.

"All good, Mish," he called back. "He's legal."

Alan turned back, trying to remember what he was saying, and----what on earth was that man wearing? It was like something out of a movie. Alan just couldn't understand Gawain's clothing choices... wasn't he permanently uncomfortable?

Never the less, he waved.

"Gawain," he called. "Glad you could make it."

"I'm sure you're gonna find someone amazing, Auds." Alan said after another moment. "You're pretty much perfect, so I dunno what blind twits this town must be full of to not be lining up at your door."

Alan decided not to mention that his younger brother Barry had professed an interest in Audrey many times over. But Alan knew his brother, and was ready to get his cricket bat and fend off Barry for as long as it took. Barry and Audrey? Alan was never. Going. To let. That. Happen.

Posted by: Alexander Winfield Jan 10 2018, 03:04 PM
Why did he feel like he was a topic of discussion all of a sudden? It must have been his imagination as his ears rung a bit. Out of the corner of his eye he would see a woman that was his senior sit next to him. As he started to turn his blue-eyed gaze towards her to speak he held still for a moment. Woah. . . She was hot for someone who had him in experience of age. Quickly he gathered is wits and shrugged both the thoughts away and the words spoken.

"Ah, well, my pops enjoys different forms of drinks from around the world. He handcrafts his own if its a mixture and it was one he recently made. Figured I may as well see what the big deal was for him." Alex couldn't help but chuckle while his right hand ran through the raven locks to move some of the strands from his face. At times without gel it'd often fall to cloud his vision ever so slightly.

The guitar on his back jostled from the movement. " Never know what you like until you try it. Have to give it a go sometime." Once the drink finally arrived he pulled out his wallet and slid a few bucks forward as payment for the drink and service. Limbs wrapped around the glass at the tip as he lifted it up and inspected it. The color was interesting and the various bits that were included one would never think actually worked out well.

He pressed the edge of the glass against his lips and tipped it slightly for a taste avoiding overwhelming himself on the first try. Of course, the burning sensation had already hit with even such a light drop as it caused his eyes to widen. Sinuses flared to a full clear allowing for him to have the most crisp inhale he had ever known. "Woah. . . Where was this stuff back when I was in a hospital."

Posted by: Gawain Llewellyn Jan 10 2018, 04:37 PM
For a moment Gawain could not help but shake his head in shock. Was that woman... Surely... What would a Veela be doing all the way out here? Then again, from the little he had seen it was clear that Tallygarunga and its surroundings was an interesting place filled with some very interesting people.

Speaking of Tallygarunga. Sort of.

It appeared that Gawain was being summoned, and by his new superior, no less. Ah. So much for sticking his face in and pretending that was enough socialising for the evening before heading home to the comfort of deer leather slippers and a glass of his own stock.

Time to go... be social.

Unconsciously raising a hand to his throat to check his tie was straight (yes, and it still had the little dimple top), Gawain took a breath and headed over to Alan.

(It was going to take some getting used to how casual everyone was here. It was all so very... Australian. And that was not even touching on Miss Adagathguarde's choice of dress. Surely someone like her belonged more in the bright beautiful lights of the city? She almost looked like a lost star.)

"It is good to see you both again," he said by way of greeting. An incline of the head accompanied the words. "i hope the day has treated you well."

Posted by: Marcus Carsen Jan 10 2018, 04:41 PM
The night was long and the time to party had been around the corner. It hadn't escaped the Middle Eastern man that The Roo had a sudden uptick tonight. He wasn't even sure why and that caused him to be someone disappointed in himself a person who is supposed to be a reporter. Nose to the ground and couldn't sniff up something so simple and nearby!

His hair had been pulled back into a loose ponytail as he avoided tightening too much, proper hair care and all. His clothes were of the finest silk to better fashion along his body with a long sleeved black button-up shirt that had the top sphere undone, well fitting slacks that were just as black along with well designed hard-soled shoes that were tanned in a dark brown.

Marcus pushed by the doorway without stopping but held his gaze across the entire area to gather up a few faces. At least one was familiar but that was due to other reasons. Cash was already withdrawn and dangled between his fingers as he slid at the end of the bar counter. He had caught that the usual tender was busy making drinks like a slave. "When you're done slap me a Kamikaze." His ever so charming smirk stretched across his face before he turned his attention towards Rosmunda for a moment.

"Fancy seeing you here, Ms. R. Didn't expect to run into you tonight." As he addressed her in his casual greeting he turned his attention towards the rest of the room. Faces he had never met before but they definitely seemed local enough to be comfortable and throwing back glasses. "I think I'm gonna like the Roo tonight."

Posted by: Gemini Demetra Jan 11 2018, 09:40 PM
The reason that Rosie hadn't been able to see whether Gemini and the rest of her crew had arrived yet was pretty simple: they'd had to turn up at the rear of the pub, and had left the curtain closed to the small stage while they'd set up their instruments - considering most of them played more than one and changed them around for different songs. She'd even managed to convinced Arti to show up for pub night, and join them for a couple of songs, and nudged the short woman with her elbow.

"It's gonna be fun, and at least you'll be able to take a break between the couple of songs you're playing with us," Gem snickered as Arti snorted and nodded her head, and then glanced over at Gabrielle, who was watching Dean make sure his drums were all set. Trav had his menagerie of instruments set in a small area, close to each other so he could move between them, even his Tar for one of the last songs they would play.

And Alison was making sure her bass guitar was plugged in and everything was functional. Gemini had already checked her guitars, the electric and the acoustic, to make sure they were tuned and ready to go, and she peeked around a corner to see how the crowd was doing in the pub. Spotting Rosie, she grinned and went over to Gabby, grabbing the girl and bringing her over to the side of the curtains before pointing toward where Rosie was.

"Alright, we're starting in a minute, so you go over to Rosie, aright sweet pea?" Gem smiled as Gabrielle nodded to her, before placing a kiss on the girl's head and sending her off. She then continued on final preparations.

The girl, meanwhile slipped through the crowd, before finally finding her great grandmother at the bar and lifted her arms up at her to be picked up.

"Gramma Rosie!" Gabrielle called out cheerfully, though then noticed the man who was talking to her gran, and canted her head at him before offering a bright smile and a wave, "Hello Marc! Mum's band is going to play!"

Posted by: Audrey Adagathguarde Jan 11 2018, 09:52 PM
"Combined crappy evening is a go!" Audrey lifted her own beer to that, before signalling Phil that they'd probably need some more soon enough. She then followed Alan's gaze over to where Mish was signalling, seemingly asking about one of the younger people who looked like a student. Listening to Alan's response, she chuckled and smirked a little while lifting her drink to her lips, taking a sip before speaking again.

"Got a few eighteen year old students this year, that'll be fun," The young woman mused, remembering when she had been an eighteen year old still in school herself. She'd come to the pub and had drinks with some of the staff nearly every Friday, and ended up more friends with them than student and teacher.

Smiling when another slightly familiar face was spotted, Audrey gestured to one of the seats as Gawain approached them, scooching a bit closer to Alan to make more room at the table.

"Hey! How're you, Gawain? You going to join us for a few beers then? I see you briefly met one of the local healer-slash-doctors," The young woman spoke brightly as she nodded the way of the blonde at the bar, looking as comfortable as she did any other day, despite the clothing she wore. Seemed she wasn't too bothered about looking overdressed, or under-dressed perhaps according to some. She did catch Alan's words though, and her lips formed a small smirk.

"Probably because those 'blind twits' know that they'd have to deal with you as well, Alan. Though it's nice to know you think I'm perfect," The young woman chuckled at Alan's comments about why she hadn't been snapped up by one of the locals as she winked at him. Everyone around here knew that she had her own room at Alan's house and it was basically her home as well now, "Anyway, I think I'm just destined to have bad luck. I have an actual book with the list of terrible dates and guys I've dated." She chuckled again before taking another drink.

Posted by: Rosmunda Townsend Jan 12 2018, 03:03 AM
The natural allure of the Veela was something that Rosmunda was used to, even when she wasn't intending to gain much attention, and she just had to hope that anyone who recognised her for what she was didn't get too bothered by even that slightest tug of interest. Some people were more susceptible to her than others, and she tried to best not 'dazzle' them, as Gemini tended to refer to their natural quality. However, she had to hide a small silent chuckle at the poor young man who stared at her a moment before he responded to her own remark.

"Ah, he's a mixologist then? Or simply likes mixing drinks?" The woman asked, regarding the man's father, though there was a mental note being made in the back of her head. She found herself concerned about people who tended to keep and drink a lot of alcohol, especially if they had children that they should be looking after. She wasn't going to outright ask if the young man's father was an alcoholic though. He didn't know her from squat, after all.

Another chuckle was released as he tried the drink he'd ordered, though her features shifted to a small concerned frown for a brief moment at the mention of hospital. She was about to ask why he would be admitted to hospital, but a familiar voice spoke from beside her and she turned a wry smirk to Marcus.

"I am a local doctor, Mr Carson, even I need time to unwind a bit," Rosmunda tutted at the man, before turning her attention to her own drinks, lifting one of the shots to tip back easily, before setting the empty glass back down. "Besides, I'm looking after someone toni-..." And speak of the little devil, Rosie suddenly found herself near attacked by a small five year old girl, causing her to smile brightly as she leaned down to lift Gabrielle up onto her knee. Before she could even introduce her great granddaughter to Marcus though, the girl surprised her by greeting him.

"Well, I take it that you've met before," Rosie's brows rose as she regarded Marcus with question in her gaze, though at least was aware now that Gemini was already here after all, and getting set up to play.

Posted by: Wyatt Buckley Jan 12 2018, 07:28 PM
This wasn't Wyatt's best decision choice to make. His thought seemed to return to the simple idea of making friends in this wild, new place. He had met many thus far, at least, they were cordial run-ins. This, however, was a test of some serious will.

Wyatt entered the Drunken Roo, after taking a walk instead of driving. He wanted to get a feel of everything around the town and he liked the large road to and from Narry. He was wondering where he could find a place to start running and the mileage seemed good. There was a stiffness in his backside and small, wry smile that came across his lips and took a moment to get the feeling of the room.

This was the atmosphere he was used to and absolutely loved. The smell of smoke and beer, the sounds of people talking amongst each other, the feel of comforting happiness. It made Wyatt feel snug, but his backside still garnered some chills. Don't freak out. You can do this, Wyatt. The inner monologues continued as he slowly moved along the shadows of the bar. His eyes looked at people he didn't know and only one he did know was the Headmaster.

Stop thinking about the booze. Stop. Stop. Live a little.

Posted by: Katherine Belmont Jan 13 2018, 12:26 AM
Kate turned away from her reflection upon seeing Stuart. The tiniest smile graced her lips, she was always a sucker for flattery. From Stuart especially. He was good at it.

But her mood was far from festive, and she didn't much feel like going out and partying with the rest of them. She shook her head.

"I should probably be helping out too." she said, though both she and Stuart knew that the chances of Phil letting her do anything behind the bar were minuscule. He didn't like her. Kate supposed that was fair. She'd left him to pick up a lot of pieces in Matt's absence.

"At least Hazel's enjoying herself. This is her element, I guess." Kate turned to watch back out the door, Hazel swanning around the bar like she owned it. Which... she fair well did. Matt had never been this social. He was more of a lurk-behind-the-bar-with-sarcastic-comments kind of guy.

"She's going to love it at Tally. She's excited." seeing her daughter in the Whitlam Bilby uniform had been enough to make Kate cry. "She'll get to see more of Aiden and Valerie. I met one of the teachers too---Bozo something. He seemed... nice."

Posted by: Alan Burdett Jan 13 2018, 12:44 AM
Alan nodded and smiled at Audrey, crappy combined evening it was. That was definitely something he could drink to.

He knew by now that he should have expected the post-separation confusion as various entities slowly learned about it. He should still have expected to see her name next to his, the way it used to belong there, and it shouldn't have hurt. But it did. It hurt every damn day she wasn't there for the kids, and every day he spent wondering if he was doing a good enough job in her absence.

He nodded at Gawain as the well-dressed professor came closer, and kicked out with a foot to bring a bar-stool over to their group for him. Alan wasn't even wearing proper trousers, he was in his customary shorts. Alan wore shorts for everything that his mother and Audrey would allow. He did at least have a neat collared shirt on, and that only because Matt had insisted on some level of civilised dress for the patrons.

He'd even refused service to Alan for not wearing proper shoes. That had been one heck of an argument.

"Well, if they're worried about me, Audrey, then they're not real men, are they?" Alan grinned, turning to Gawain for input. "What do you reckon, mate? Any man who wants to earn our Audrey has got to be at least brave enough to get through me, yeah?"

Not that Alan could imagine his life without Audrey. And when he did, it was a panic-stricken nightmare.

And there was another lost professor. Alan lifted his hand, signalling to Wyatt.

"Over here, mate. Grab a chair." he said. "Audrey's gonna tell us some stories about bad dates."

Because those were the best dates that Audrey had. The ones that didn't mean she might leave one day.

Posted by: Alexander Winfield Jan 13 2018, 05:27 AM
Couldn't help the stare! Though considering he didn't notice the silent chuckle an assumption that he covered himself entered into his mind. 'Alex you smooth cod. . . Avoid looking stricken? Check~!'

As he lowered the glass to the counter he decided to hold off on taking another hit of the drink. Just letting the effect settle in and not taking it like a smashed rookie, no, he saw his father drink one too many times. It was to the point even drinking a glass of water or soda that Alex seemed to mimic the same fashion such as how he held the glass, the sips he'd take. Maybe he had an alcoholic at home?

"Ha! It's more to say he THINKS he's a mixologist. He's gotten better over the years but he's still got a way to go with how he stumbles. That and there's only so often you can hear 'Shite. . . I got it wrong!' and think a person is on the right track." The youth shrugged his shoulders lightly, it still was one of the more fun moments in his life at home. As a child passed by to greet Rosie a smile pulled at his face - it instantly reminded him he actually promised a kid he'd single. . . Ugh, the Wiggles.

'Only I would torture myself like that to see a kid smile.'

Mere mention of the band caused his eyes to widen and he quickly pushed the drink away. "Live music?!" That triggered it, his geek-out as his eyes adjusted quickly towards the stage with his guitar still strapped to his back as he started to stand up from the stool to offer himself a better look. Okay, it was always because his body was starting to feel a bit of pain. Alex let his right hand curl into his jean vest pocket as he clutched tightly at the cloth stashed inside of it - He always had to be prepared with it. 'Don't you dare, body. . . Not until the music is over, damn it.'

Posted by: Marcus Carsen Jan 13 2018, 05:41 AM
He had managed to catch a glance of Gemini - though he didn't react towards her or try to call to her attention. The prospect of being a sudden surprise intrigued him!

"See, I always thought that you were pinned to your doctor chair twenty-four-seven. Doctor's going out to have fun after dealing with insane patients!? Nonsense! I won't hear of it, can't even get that into the paper and get people to believe it." Marcus couldn't help set up a grin after his words - it didn't matter the age of the person to him. He always seemed to just move and swarm with a light jab of a tease. Especially in a bar environment since everyone was just looking to have fun and get away from the world.

A hum resonated in his throat, she was watching someon-? Oh hey, A little Gabby! Wait why was she calling Rosie Gramma? Wait a minute. . . A look of realizations truck at his face his expression dropped much like a child trying to calculate a problem on a chalk board. "Hehe, I saw, Gabby! I am pretty excited to actually get to hear here this time. I missed it before. Think we should surprise her about my presence." He shot off a soft wink towards the small girl almost as if he were trying to seal a deal with a pinkie promise.

Marcus coughed to clear his throat almost as if the atmosphere around his neck had tightened at the questioning gaze. "Ah, well, you know I have clients everywhere! But the real truth is I just happened to run into G & G." A small inside joke maybe between Himself and the Mother-Daughter combo. "Involved a guitar case, my knee, and uh. . . Special glasses being shattered a bit. Completely my fault." If there was one person who knew what he meant by 'special glasses', He knew it'd be her.

"I honestly had no idea these two were related to you. Goes to show you how small this place really is, Haha." Luckily, It wasn't him meeting her because of some tragedy that may have befallen her - much like the people they both tended to assist. "But we really just had a bit of good ol' fun, ain't that right, Gabby?"

Posted by: Gawain Llewellyn Jan 16 2018, 05:06 PM
"Thank you," Gawain said politely, carefully moving the stool into the optimum position undoing the buttons of his suit jacket and taking his seat. Then to Audrey he replied, speaking of the Veela, "I didn't realise she was a healer. Or a doctor. Is she both?" That was impressive. "If so, I should very much like to meet her properly. Do you know where she studied? Practiced?" He paused for a breath. "I'm always interested to meet the few who studied both disciplines, as it were. When I did it, everyone thought I was mad." To be fair, there had been something a little off in his logic. And that did not include the sheer confusion of so many witches and wizards as to why he wanted to learn about Muggle medicine.

So inferior, they had all thought. So bloody and backwards with its cutting and poking.

"And as for something to drink-" he used this an excuse to cut off his own excited train of thought "-what do you recommend? Perhaps in an IPA?"

In all the commotion, the hustle and bustle of the pub and all the people deciding now was apparently the best time to put in an appearance, Gawain nearly missed the entirety of what Alan had to say. Even to him. But after taking a moment, it was clear that he had heard everything, despite not paying attention.

(Multi-tasking: as useful in a pub as it was in a medical emergency. Apparently.)

"I think," he said carefully, deliberately - because after all, this was his superior he was about to counter, "that any man who thinks the way to 'earn' a woman is through the defeat another man is sorely mistaken. That bravery would be to recognise the trap that such ideas are. And I am saying that as a father to a daughter who won't be a little girl much longer. So I do understand the urge to demand they 'prove themselves worthy', because as her dad I'm trying to be worthy every day. Which shows I'm just as stuck in the mindset I'm criticising right now," he finished with a shrug.

Posted by: Stuart Blair Jan 18 2018, 08:07 AM
"You don't need to help out, Katie. But you should at least grab a seat somewhere, have a drink, and even just chat with a couple of people. You don't have to go all out, just show people that you're trying. And if you need to take a break, the back room isn't going anywhere," Stuart offered a warm smile to the woman, knowing that she was going to need a bit of a push or else she would end up sitting in here all night - and he wasn't going to let that happen, and she knew it.

Stu also wasn't going to tell her outright that Phil was just a little more the disgruntled at her still. Sure, the guy was in a good mood tonight, but there was no doubt no way that he would want to let Kate help out behind the bar. So it was best to focus on her returning to the world of socialising, at least just a little.

"Rosie's even here, and she's watching Gabby since Gemmy's gonna be playing with her crew soon, you can always sit with her too. Probably calmer than Alan and Audrey's inevitable rowdiness," It had come as a shock, initially, that Auds could not only match, but even surpass the Burdetts, but she had even given Alan's brothers a run for their money, and then some. The girl was practically adopted by their family as a result.

The man wrapped an arm around one of Kate's and gave her a small nudge to 'come on', knowing that she was going to need the coaxing. He didn't want her sitting out here all night.

"Besides, you get a better view of Hazel out there, especially if she starts dancing when the band begins. I just bet she's gonna fit right in at Tally, though I didn't know they hired a clown teacher?" The man's brows rose as he considered the name she'd offered. He didn't know any 'Bozo', but all he could think of was clowns, and that actually sounded pretty cool to him. He had to wonder if that was Alan's or Audrey's idea.

Posted by: Rosmunda Townsend Jan 18 2018, 08:26 AM
Watching Alex take cautious sips of the drink, Rosmunda once again wondered if he'd seen a little too much overdrinking in his life, but she wasn't in a position to ask about it, not unless he brought it up as something that caused issues at home. She'd helped out a few teens who had alcoholic parents, but one had to be careful about how they approached the subject. It was rough enough for them having to deal with it, let alone talk to someone.

"Well, I'm sure after enough cursing and stumbling, he would have to start getting some mixes right," Still, Rosie watched the young man for his reactions, as well as how he acted around alcohol, while reminding herself that unless it was something that seriously affected the teen's life, that she had no reason to be too concerned.

It seemed his attention completely diverted at the mention of a band, however, anyway, as Rosie was accosted by Gabrielle, and it was soon explained how Marcus and the girl were acquainted.

"Doctors are just as capable of taking a little time off, Mr Carson," The blonde reprimanded him lightly, as she adjusted Gabby on her lap, giving the girl a hug from behind, "I see. Well, I can get some more glasses made up for you, if you need them, though you really should keep some spares for when something like that happens." Ever the doctor, and person who tended to think sensibly, she tutted softly at the man.

"Shouldn't be too surprising though, unless you weren't aware of their own special heritage," Which made sense, since Gemini was rather good at hiding the non-human side of herself. Gabrielle nodded with a bright smile in agreement that fun was had, and Rosie chuckled and smiled as well. "Well, that's good to know, Gem's been spending the last couple of years picking herself up from... well, a few things that have happened. I've mentioned before what happened to my eldest daughter," Her voice lowered as she spoke, and then offered a nod, "It was rough on a few people." She then cleared her throat and canted her head at Gabrielle.

"So when is your mother starting?"

"Soon! Are you going to dance with me, Gramma?" The girl turned her head to aim her wide-eyed gaze at Rosmunda, causing the woman to sigh softly with a small smile on her face. No doubt she'd get dragged up at some point.

Posted by: Audrey Adagathguarde Jan 18 2018, 08:42 AM
Audrey took a long drink from her beer, though watched Alan as she did and could almost see his thought process flitting across his features. She set her drink down and leaned over to give him a gentle nudge with her elbow before offering a brilliant smile his way.

"Hey, don't worry about it. I'll go with you to the convention, and we'll have a blast, alright?" The young woman knew his worries ran much deeper than that, but she tried her best on a daily basis to assuage his fears, as well as be there for the kids as well. She knew that she was basically filling in the role that should have been Rachel's, but the kids deserved to have a female figure in their lives who cared for and looked out for them, and she was happy to be that until such a time as she wasn't needed anymore.

Even then, Auds couldn't see her life without Alan's family in it, regardless. She'd always be around for them, whether they liked it or not.

The young woman snorted softly, however, and rolled her eyes as Alan continued to make his point about men having to get past him of they weren't worth it. With Gawain's arrival, and subsequent questions, however, her attention shifted easily for a moment as she looked over toward the blonde at the bar, now with a child on her lap that Auds recognised.

"Rosie? Oh, she's a doctor and healer, and she travels to study strange and uncommon afflictions as well... kind of one of those people who never stops learning more, you know?" Audrey nodded lightly before taking another drink from her glass, "You should just go over and say hi. But if you're shy then she sometimes drops student prescriptions off at the school, so you might catch her one of those times." A light shrug followed, and then the woman blinked at Gawain's question of drink recommendation, and something about an 'IPA'.

"Uh oh! We have a beer snob!" Audrey's lips formed a bright grin as she teased lightly, and then laughed quietly, "I'd ask Phil or Mish, but I'm pretty sure Mr Blair's been looking into snazzing the place up with some specialty beers as well as the usual stuff. Wants to get the Roo back on the map." She nodded lightly, taking another drink and then frowning at her glass as she realised she needed a refill already.

And then Audrey snorted and allowed a light laugh to escape as Gawain criticised Alan's rather caveman-like thought process, despite the fact that Gawain was struggling with that side of himself regarding his daughter.

"Well, I'm definitely not Alan's daughter, I help to look after his kiddos... and hi Mr Wyatt! Grab a beer..." Audrey looked at her empty glass again before glancing back over to the new musiciary professor, "Or few, and come join us!" Sliding to her feet, the woman moved to grab a couple more stools to drag to their little spot, just in case any more people turned up and wanted to join them. She then took up her seat next to Alan once again.

Posted by: Tāne Groknok Jan 18 2018, 11:24 AM
He was late, but he didn't care. Today had been a manifestly unsatisfying one. Hours spent playing note-tag with the local branch of R.A.M.S. had yielded no satisfaction. Nor had his irrigation notions for the day played out as planned. At least his first batch of biochar was coming along nicely, and he had managed to secure a R.A.M.S. heat sink, meaning none of the exothermic reaction's potential uses would go to waste. Tāne Groknok, tall and massive, but built in a much more human fashion than the average half-giant, felt his pace slow as the Roo came into view.

Maybe Al and Auds have had a better time of it today than I have, and there's still the paintball war to plan for next semester, he thought as the pub doors grew closer and the sounds of people happy in each other's company rose in volume, Once I get the rain forest up, we can have us a real time! HaHA! This thought was more than enough to cheer him, which was never a difficult task, and his stride re-lengthened to its normal dimension. A few moments later he was through the door and...

KIA ORA! he shouted as he appeared before the bar-goers, this customary entrance was special to the Roo, where his exuberance was appreciated rather than being a bother.

It was the work of less than a second to spot his colleagues, though he spotted quiet a few stoodies in the bar as well. Unconcerned, knowing the Roo would not serve under-agers, he walked past without checking their expressions and promptly picked Audrey up. "Kia ora, Auds! You look like a faerie princess tonight! How come you don't dress nice like that at work, eh?" knowing Auds would know he wasn't being serious beyond the compliment, he didn't wait for an answer, "Alan, why the long face? Wait...hang on, I know that's her again, isn't it." Tāne refused to use the woman's name, normally he was hard to prejudice, but Alan was just about his best friend in the world and he couldn't stand the way she made him, Alan, feel.

Posted by: Gemini Demetra Jan 18 2018, 06:00 PM
Alright, with the okay from Alison, Trav and Dean, and Arti ready to go for the first song - the violinist would return to play keyboard for a song or two as well as violin again toward the end of the set - Gemini get her electric guitar strap and pulled it around the back of her neck, before checking on her pink acoustic which sat in wait for when it was it's turn. There probably looked like a fair amount of instruments for a small band, but Trav played a lot of different instruments, and they liked to put their own twist on songs when they could.

Gemini gave Phil a thumbs up, and the stage lights went on, before the lightly tapped the mic to make sure it was on. A brilliant smile then graced the woman's features as she looked over the pub-goers and waved to them.

"Evening everyone! Locals know who we are, but for you new folks, we're Franklin Struck Gold. I'm Gemini, lead guitar and vocals, the lovely lady with the bass guitar is Alison, we have Trav on second guitar, both of them are marvelous backup vocals as well. And on percussion is the awesome but shy Dean. Tonight, we also have the special privilege of the talented Artemisia joining us on violin and keyboard for a few songs, fresh back from her tour of Europe. We hope you're having a great night and that you enjoy a few classics with a twist, a little rock, and some easy listening."

The young woman then looked to the others and gave a nod, waiting for Dean to give them a beat before they started off with 'Back in Black'.

(Here is the that will be playing for the duration of most of the thread.)

Posted by: Alan Burdett Jan 18 2018, 11:40 PM
Alan was feeling a little attacked by Gawain's suggestion that his protectiveness of Audrey was cave-manish. Well... it was, he supposed, but whoever did manage to fight their way through Alan to claim Audrey was in for one heck of a surprise when they found out he was just the trash mob guarding the dungeon. Audrey was a force to be reckoned with all on her own, Alan knew that all he could ever do was weed out the ones who weren't worthy enough to even face her.

"Maybe." he shrugged. "Bit more to 'winning' Audrey than fighting me, but I think I do a good job of making sure no nutcases start sniffing around, eh?" even if the nutcases in question were his own brothers, Alan had an important role to play here.

Tane bellowed into the room, and Alan was glad when he too came over.

"It's not anything she's done," Alan waved off Tane's concern. Last thing he needed was the helpful half-giant storming into Rachel's house demanding why she had made Alan sad. "They put her name on my invitation for conference. Just caught me at a bad moment, is all---it's fine."

At least it wasn't some new, fresh hell that Rachel had concocted for him. Alan supposed that things could be far worse.

To Gawain, he looked at his beer and back with confusion.

"There's draught. And. Other beer?" Alan didn't know. Alan just drank what Alan always drank. As the music began to play, a wide grin spread across his face. Back in Black. Yes. Yes good. A horrible day was looking to turn into a very tolerable night.

Posted by: Wyatt Buckley Jan 20 2018, 09:55 AM
Wyatt flinched at the waving gesture coming from his boss, Alan. He feebly returned a wave before taking a breath and thinking to himself. Just don’t do it. Enjoy yourself. You can do that, his thought process continued as he sauntered over toward the others. He knew Alan but have yet to meet the others. His eyes caught a glimpse of the well-dressed man who began to speak. Wyatt didn’t know exactly what he was talking about or the conversation a hand, but he gathered quickly that he was articulate. His gaze went to the woman who called out to him and it took a moment, but he recognized her. It was the headmaster’s secretary. His next thought was did he flirt with her? She was very pretty. There were a couple of pretty ladies so far.

He shook his head and returned his attention to the conversation at hand as he slowly pulled up a chair by the end of the bar. "Thank you kindly," he said to Ms. Audrey. His American accent came out with a small charming smile. His eyes continued to drift a little as he heard a familiar song. His eyes looked at Gemini and his smile grew wider. Truthfully, he wasn’t a big AC/DC fan. He did, however, respect them and was always good to hear their stuff in the bars. The woman on stage seemed to know her way around the microphone anyway, which Wyatt loved. It certainly got people pumped. Was that the headmaster bopping his head? He slowly calmed down, thinking about some of his own past before his second nature kicked in.

“I’ll just have a pint. That’s the right word here, yeah? Or is that too British?” he asked Alan. Just one beer. That’s all he’ll need to calm his nerves and quench the thirst. His eyes veered towards the other man that came by. He didn't know this fellow either, but he certainly seemed loud and certainly different. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but it would come to him surely. Its not like he's a part of a very eclectic community.

Posted by: Tāne Groknok Jan 20 2018, 12:32 PM
Tāne knew Alan could take care of himself, but he worried about his human pal. He had been fortunate enough in his own life to avoid romance, his beloved was his work. It never felt to Tāne like missing out because he did have a lot of love in his life, Al and Auds were as much family to him as his kin back home on Rakiura, and he had other friendships that added depth of feeling and breadth of meaning to his life like Gideon. "Alright, pal," he chuckled, "I'll drop it." On the word "drop" he pretended to loose his grip on Audrey only to set her back down gently. "I just don't like seeing the way she gets you out of sorts, is all. But its her loss, eh?" he added before really dropping the subject.

"I thought I knew all the staff," Tāne said, turning to face the man with the accent, "Always nice to meet an American, eh? Especially when you've spent all day dealing with R.A.M.S. I know the Redgraves usually run a tight ship, heck Sam Redgrave himself is a friend of mine, but the branch out here...hoo boy, good luck getting a prompt answer, or the one you need, eh? What do you teach Mr.?" He wondering if maybe this fellow had any connections in the Redgrave's companies America-side. He had half a mind to write to Sam for help getting what he needed, but Sam would refuse to let him pay; it would be nice to see how his little one had gotten on, she must be a grown woman by now. Pinksqueek, heh, he reminisced briefly about the girl who had affectionate dubbed him "Gunkhead" for his foliage-colored hair, I wonder if she's still trying to break the metamorphmagus barrier

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